Lesson 3: Olympic medals

In this lesson you will use some data from the 2016 Rio Olympic games to create attractive, meaningful charts and graphs.

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1. Format your spreadsheet appropriately:

  • Merge & center cells A1:G1 & make the title larger
  • Add borders around all cells in the table
  • Make column headings bold, change the background to black & the text to white
  • Make the contents of C15:G15 and G4:G14 bold

2. Use a function to calculate the medal totals for:

  • Gold, Silver & Bronze
  • All 11 nations (including Other Nations)

Bar Charts

3. Create a vertical bar chart to show the medal totals for the top 10 nations. Using the default settings it should look like this.

Edit your bar chart to:

  • Add a title: “Top ten medal-winning nations at Rio 2016”.
  • Format the bars so that they are appropriate colours.
  • Set the horizontal axis label to Nations and the vertical axis label to Medals won.

Pie Charts

4. Using only the values in Nation Code and Gold, create a pie chart to show the breakdown of the top five gold medal-winning nations.

  • Add a title: “Top Five gold medal-winning nations at Rio 2016”.
  • Using the flag images provided, format the segments of the pie chart. Set the transparency of all but the top country’s segment to 60%.
  • Display data labels, showing Nation Code and the number of medals
  • Do not display a legend.

5. Create a pie chart to show the medal breakdown for Japan.

  • Add an appropriate title.
  • Format the segments of your pie chart using appropriate colours.
  • Do not display a legend.
  • Display the series name and the number of medals outside each segment of the chart.

Evaluating a chart

Take a look at the two versions of the same chart shown below and answer the questions that follow.