Task WP1: Rio Olympics

In this task you will learn how to use the fundamentals of word processing software to produce a two-page leaflet about the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. The files you need are available below. The tasks that follow are supported by video tutorials that are also available on Youtube.

  • Download rio.zip and extract the contents to your Z:/ drive.


1. Save a copy of the rtf document in your Z drive as Olympics.docx

2. In the header, add your name left aligned, your candidate number centre aligned and your centre number right aligned.

3. In the footer, insert the file name and file path.

4. Select the first paragraph. Change the font to Franklin Gothic Book, size 12, fully justified. Update the style Normal to match this paragraph.

5. On the top line, insert the image rio.jpg.

  1. Crop the white space at the top and bottom of the image.
  2. Set the image width to 4cm, maintaining the aspect ratio.
  3. Set the text wrapping to square.
  4. Align it to the top left of the page.


6. Select the top line and set its style to Heading 1.

  1. Set the font to Haettenschweiler, size 36 regular
  2. Set the colour to red 12 green 87 blue 142
  3. Right-align the text
  4. Set the paragraph spacing to no spacing before, 12pt after
  5. Update Heading 1 to match this formatting

7. Starting with “The 2016 Summer Olympics…” and ending with “… the group of Independent Olympic Athletes (from Kuwait).” Put this text in two columns with a 1cm gap in between the columns.

8. Insert a page break before the text “Olympic park”.

9. Insert a blank line before the paragraph that starts “The United States topped the medal table…” and insert the image medals.jpg here.

  1. Increase its brightness and contrast by 10% each.
  2. Crop out the Rio logo at the bottom of the image so only the medals are showing.
  3. Ensure the image is exactly the same width as the column it is in.

10. Insert the image bolt.jpg on the same line as the paragraph that starts “These were the first Summer Olympic Games under…”

  1. Set the image’s height to 4cm and maintain the aspect ratio.
  2. Set the text wrapping to square.
  3. Align the image in the center of the page.

11. On the second page, format the headings “Olympic park”, “Football” and “Medal winning nations” as heading 2.

  1. Set the font to Haettenshweiler, size 28 regular, left aligned.
  2. Set the colour to red 12 green 121 blue 192.

12. Format the list of nine venues within the Olympic park as a bullet point list.

  1. Set the bullet colour to red 160 green 219 blue 92.
  2. Put the name of each venue in bold (eg Carioca Arena 1).

13. On the “Olympic park” line, insert the image park.jpg.

  1. Set width to 6cm, maintain aspect ratio. Set text wrapping to square.
  2. Align it to the top right corner of the second page.

14. At the bottom of the page insert the table from medals.csv.

  1. Format this selection as a table.
  2. The background colour of the first row of the table should be the same colour as your heading 1 text.
  3. The text on the first row should be Franklin Gothic Medium size 12, white.
  4. The text in the rest of the table should be Franklin Gothic Book, size 12.
  5. Line spacing for all text in the table should be 1.15 lines with no spacing before or after each line.
  6. The only borders on the table should be on the outside edge, and be the same colour as the first row background colour.
  7. The totals in the bottom row should be bold.
  8. Every odd row (1st, 3rd, 5th, etc.) should be light grey (5% darkness).
  9. The column widths should be: column 1 (1.8cm), column 2 (4cm), columns 3-6 (2cm).
  10. The table should be center aligned.

15. Print out your finished document as A4, portrait, double-sided.