Unit 3: 3D Graphics and Animation

In this unit, you will learn the principles of 3D graphics and animation using the free, open source software, Blender.

You will make your own, original 3D graphics and animate a scene for the final assessment of the unit, which will be assessed using this rubric. The Scheme of Learning for this unit is available here.


This scheme of work was adapted from ‘An introduction to animation, VFX and games’ by Peter Kemp, Tom Haines, Monique Dewchand, the University of Roehampton, 3Dami, b3d101 and the Raspberry Pi foundation. With funding from Google, Creative Skillset, NextGen Skills Academy, New City College, The European Union and The Skills Funding Agency.

The work, bar the logos and brand names are under Creative Commons share-alike licensing.

Technical problems

The learning curve with Blender can be steep, and a number of common errors and issues have been outlined (with fixes) in this support document.

Lesson 1: Introduction to 3D graphics

Lesson 2: Animation and parenting

Lesson 3: Advanced modeling and colouring

Lesson 4: Proportional editing

Lesson 5: Lights, camera, text action!

Lesson 6: Advanced Blender, ray tracing & VR

Assessment: Creating a 3D animation