The Chens’ Holiday

In this project, you will create a budget and itinerary for a holiday for the Chen family, and present your proposed trip in the form of a professional-quality desktop publishing report. You will need to make use of a variety of software tools to complete this task.

Your success will be judged based on how well you make use of the selected tools to complete your tasks, and on how clearly you communicate your ideas to the Chen family in your final report.



Your grade for this project will be calculated based on the quality of your final report (70%) and on how well you complete the steps necessary to create the report: budgeting (10%), trip planning (10%) and research (10%).

Topic reader

Like other year 9 units, this unit is supported by a topic reader. You should aim to complete the readings and any tasks by the deadlines your teacher sets on Google Classroom. These will be used to support discussions in class.

The project brief

The Project Brief guides the development of the entire project, and contains essential information you will need to complete the tasks below. Make sure you read it carefully before you begin working.

Task 1: Budgeting


  1. Create a copy of the budget template.
  2. Use the information from the project brief to fill in the missing information under income and expenditure.
  3. Use formulas and functions to calculate the total income, total expenditure and balance.
  4. Make some cuts to the Chens’ expenditure to help them save more money. Note: you have control over how much you choose to cut, but they do not want to spend a year eating bread and water to go on an amazing holiday!

Hint: You should be aiming for a budget somewhere between $150,000NTD and $300,000NTD depending on how much you want them to save.

Task 2: Scheduling

Now that you have a budget, it’s time to plan the Chen family’s trip. Some things to note:

  • When you’re booking things, pay attention to currency. 
    • If it’s in USD or some other currency, use Google to convert it for you: “450 USD in NTD
  • The holiday should be two weeks long, and be any time between the 15th of December and the 15th of January next year
  • Leah is 15 and Zak is 18. This means both of them are “adults” when booking flights.


  1. Make copies of the trip costs and itinerary spreadsheets
  2. Research the following to plan your trip:
    • Flights
    • Accommodation
    • Entertainment
    • Food
  3. Add details of what you find to the spreadsheets you have made. Hint: It would be helpful to put URLs where you found your information to help you later in creating the report.
  4. Aim to spend approximately 90% of the family’s budget for them, allocating a daily allowance for food and entertainment, to give them some spending money for gifts and souvenirs.

Hint: Remember that this holiday is for the Chens, not for you. They have shared their likes and dislikes on page 2 of the project brief!

Task 3: Making the report

Use whatever tool you feel comfortable (Google Slides or Photoshop are recommended) with to create a professional-looking report for the Chen family to inform them about the holiday you have planned.


  1. Choose the tool you intend to use.
  2. Create a template for your report, paying careful attention to margins, white space, fonts and colours.
  3. Populate your report with content, using a grid to lay out each page.


  • Your report should be between 6 and 12 pages long – remember, quality over quantity!
    In it, you should advertise the trip you planned, including key info such as:
    • accommodation
    • flights
    • transportation
    • entertainment
    • food

Sample reports

A selection of reports created in previous years are available here. What do you think they did well? What do you think they could have done more effectively? An example created in Slides is below – take a look and ask yourself the same questions.