Lesson 3: Coffee shop ad spot

In this lesson you will create a shot-for-shot remake of an already-created coffee shop advert of fifteen seconds in length. The focus of this lesson is in following instructions exactly and developing your technical skills so that you can get creative in the upcoming video project, but please do not cut corners in this task. Following the steps precisely is important.

Task: Coffee shop ad spot

In this task you will build upon the skills you learned last lesson by developing a short ad spot for a coffee shop. Here is what you will be creating:

Step 1: Download the assets for this project and unzip them. If you can’t download from the link to the left, try this backup link.

Step 2: Set up a new composition in a new project. 15 seconds long, using the 1080p HDV/HDTV preset. 

Step 3: Insert the logo, at 0% size, positioned perfectly in the center of your screen and make it scale up to 100% size over 2 seconds.

Step 4: Use easy ease to smooth out the growing logo, and enter graph view to make it “bounce” a little.

Step 5: Show the logo for 1 second. Then, from 3 seconds to 5 seconds, fade the logo to 50% opacity, scale it down to 35% size and move it to the bottom right of your screen.

Step 6: From 4 seconds in, fade in the coffee.mp4 video over 1 second.

Step 7: At 9 seconds, fade the video over 1 second down to 0% opacity.

Step 8: At 9 seconds, over 2 seconds, return the logo to its position in the center of the screen, put it back up to 100% scale and 100% opacity.

Step 9: At 11 seconds, shrink the logo down to 0% scale over 1 second.

Step 10: Add text that says “Yay coffee!” in 300px Pristina font in white. Have it scroll in from the bottom of the screen at 12 seconds over 1 second to the center of the screen.

Step 11: “Explode” the text at 13.5 seconds over 0.5 seconds to 4,000% size and move it so no characters are visible. 

Step 12: Add a soundtrack to your video, using ukulele-whistling.mp3. Fade out the audio over the final second of the video.

Step 13: Export your video using the H.264 codec as 1080p high quality.