Lesson 2: Combining images and text

In this lesson you will create a simple slideshow by combining images and text with an audio soundtrack in After Effects.

Task: create a slideshow

In this task, you will create a video of 20-30 seconds in length, combining text, images and sound to create a promo video for a TES event. Your completed video should look professional, and move smoothly from scene to scene using a variety of transitions. Once you have finished making your video, you should export it as an MP4 file.

Step 1: Create a new composition.

Step 2: Download your assets, choosing one of the three options below, unzip them and import them into After Effects.

Sports Day

The King and I

TES Orchestra

Note: If you are struggling to download the assets, grab them from here or here: orchestra, King and I, sports day.

Find out how

Step 3: Begin creating your animation by combining images and text (provided for you in the subtitles.txt file), making use of cutsfadescrossfadesslide ins and wipes. A tutorial for each kind of transition is available in the find out more section below.

Find out how

Step 4: Import and apply a soundtrack to your animation.

Step 5: Export your finished video as an MP4 file using the H.264 codec.

Extension: what’s next?

If you complete one video slideshow, you should either:

  • create another video slideshow using a different set of assets, or
  • improve your slideshow by seeing how you can make the transitions more sophisticated and complex