End of unit test

In the test below your knowledge and understanding of the unit content will be assessed through a series of interactive questions and a practical task. 

  • The multiple choice questions should take approximately 15 minutes, but you can take up to 40 minutes if you need to.
  • The questions will focus only on content covered in the knowledge organiser.

When you have completed these questions, move on to the practical task that follows.

Practical task: Laura’s bakery

Laura sells bread, pastries and bagels from her small bakery shop. She has been advised by her business partner Kelly that she should keep a close eye on how much profit she makes. She has tried to do this but she has never used spreadsheets before so needs some help.

Download her spreadsheet here: laurasbakery.xlsx


1. Format the spreadsheet appropriately. This includes:

  • Borders around all cells in the ranges A1:I10, E11:I11.
  • Column headings in bold with a light grey background.
  • All cells containing money formatted as $ (columns B, C, D, H and I).
  • Add two rows at the top of your spreadsheet and type “Laura’s bakery: Tuesday sales” as your title. Merge and center this across the width of the entire table and make it 24pt bold font.

2. Calculate the profit made for each baguette in cell D2. Replicate this down the column for all of the other items.

3. Any items Laura made but didn’t sell were wasted. Use a formula in column G to calculate how many items were wasted.

4. Calculate the profit in column H by multiplying the profit each by the number sold.

5. Calculate the cost of wastage in column I by multiplying the ingredient cost by the wastage.

6. In cell E11, calculate the total items made. Replicate this formula all the way across to cell I11 to calculate totals for each of those columns.

7. In cell I13, calculate the total profit by deducting the total wastage from total profit.

8. Create a pie chart showing how much of our profit each item made. This should include item names as labels.

9. The labels should be shown outside the segments of the chart, like this example:

10. Take a screenshot of your spreadsheet using the snipping tool, save it as an image and upload it to Google Classroom.