Part 3: Design

In this part you are going to get an introduction to basic design principles, see some examples of good design, and then start designing your overall presentation.

Design examples

Below are two examples of a short About Me presentation that both display good design principles, but use different styles. In looking at them, what do you notice? How are they similar and how are they different? 

Each of the above presentations focuses on the following design points, which you should also do when designing your presentation. 

  • Layout: The overall layout of each slide is similar, but different enough from one slide to the next. 
  • Color: The colors are similar from one slide to the next. There are no major clashes. 
  • Content: Each slide has just enough content, but not too much to be cluttered. 
  • Fonts & Text: They use the same few fonts for each slide, and the text they include is short and readable. 

When thinking about your design you want to continually ask yourself if you’re following the above ideas. Am I putting too many photos in one slide? Will this GIF be more a distraction than a help? Did I plan the layouts well so that there is some similarity from one slide to the next? 

Design plan

Before you can get started with the actual task of building your presentation you should do a little bit of preparation. Often times we rush into things before really thinking it through, and this can mean more work in the long run. To prepare for this project you will need a minimum of five things. 

  1. Theme: You can either find a theme or create your own. 
  2. Colors: Choose a color scheme that you like and which matches your theme. I suggest using Coolors to create yours. 
  3. Fonts: Choose 1-2 different fonts that you will be using. Don’t use too many or it can get cluttered. 
  4. Outline: Create a short list for what each slide will be about. 
  5. Needs: List the things you will need to get in order to accomplish your task. 

When you have finished you should have something like the following: 


When you have finished your design plan let your teacher know and they will give you the green light to start on the actual project. Keep in mind the rubric that was introduced at the start of this unit, and try to meet all the requirements in order to create an incredible presentation.