This article was written by IBDP Computer Science student Celina Pan.

Over the summer, I had the privilege of taking part in a Women TechMakers camp being held in Taipei. Run by the Women Techmakers Scholars Program, the camp was aimed at teaching high school girls across Taiwan about Python programming and technology. 

Initially, I applied to join the camp because I wanted to improve my own programming skills, to meet other girls who had a similar passion for computer science and technology, and to get an inside tour of the Google office in the 101. 

And I was far from disappointed. Throughout the camp, we learned everything from the most basic programming to how to spam people’s LINE inbox using python code, to even the basics of how to make viruses that delete or create files. I made many good friends from a wide variety of schools, met lots of inspiring women who work in STEM fields, and of course, got a long-awaited tour of the mind blowing Google office (it took me a while to compute the fact that they had a massage room), as well as full access to their top-of-the-line snacks and drinks bar. 

Everything in the camp was fun and interesting, but the most meaningful experience by far, was the “I Am Remarkable” workshop that the camp included. Throughout the workshop, we learned about females and confidence issues, as well as about modesty norms that are more heavily applied to females. The workshop taught us how to be more confident in our own skin, as well as how to love and support both ourselves, and other girls. 

Overall, the camp was useful, unforgettable, and meaningful. I would love to apply again next year, and would wholeheartedly recommend this program to any girl who is interested.