On the 17th of December a post went live on the IBO’s blogco-authored by our very own Mr Greenwood, offering a “sneak peek” at the new Digital Society course.

Digital Society is the new version of the current ITGS course, which Mr Greenwood has been teaching since he arrived at TES in 2013. He is now a workshop facilitator and examiner for ITGS, and has been involved in the development of the new subject since his visit to the IBO world centre at The Hague in September.

Digital Society aims to be firmly rooted in the social sciences, and embraces many of the ideas being developed in the field of Digital Humanities. Some of these are explored in the video below, developed by a group of universities in the Netherlands:

Mr Greenwood is now involved in writing the subject guide for the new course, which will be first taught in 2021. ITGS will continue to be taught until this time, and remains an excellent IB subject choice for anyone considering further study in IT or the social sciences.