On Saturday January 25th, Mr Bach and Mr Greenwood took a group of 12 DP ITGS and Computer Science students to the Taipei Game Show, a huge expo of the latest developments in video gaming. The latest hardware and the biggest upcoming games were on display, along with plenty more aspects of geek culture from cosplay to card games.

A group of students made connections with developers from Brace Yourself Games, an indie development studio based in Canada that is currently working on an industrial city-building sim and strategy game called Industries of Titan. We’re looking forward to having a Skype talk from their lead designer, Andy Nguyen, later this term.

Andy has worked in game development since 2011, developing a number of indie games and contributing to the Discord communication platform. His talk will cover the challenges of project management, good development practices, tips and insights on effective game design, and how to make yourself an attractive candidate for a job in the industry.

The talk will be aimed at DP Computer Science and ITGS students, but is open to all. Look out for details later this term.