On Friday March 29th, two TES parents and senior staff at Nokia very kindly gave up their morning to speak to Computing students about their role in the development and implementation of 5G networking in Taiwan.

They talked about how 5G is being developed to maximise throughput (the amount of data that can be sent on a network) and minimise latency (the delay in doing so) while simultaneously improving reliability. This is set to revolutionise a large number of industries, from the introduction of smart factories in manufacturing to telemedicine remote surgery. They will also be essential in the development of autonomous vehicles, which are the basis of this year’s ITGS case study.

Student responses to the talk include:

“It was an amazing opportunity for me to understand 5G – an exciting new development in technology that we learned about in computer science – from the perspective of someone who actually worked in the industry. It really opened my eyes to it’s impact across multiple sectors, the new possibilities it creates, and the disruption it will cause for the Telecom industry.”  

– Ryan Chang, H4

“I think the talk was amazing and we learnt a lot of new interesting things! Both Nigel and DK seemed to be extremely passionate in what they were talking about and it was very eye-opening to understand their perspective. Something that I took from the presentation is that “5G is going to be like discovering water on Mars, revolutionary!” It’s a bit cheesy but I think it suits the talk perfectly.”  

– Vatsal Savani, H4