IGCSE ICT theory

Theory makes up around 40% of the IGCSE ICT course, and increasingly the division of theory and practical content is being blurred, with theory questions appearing in practical exam papers and vice-versa. Please note that I have chosen to organise the content differently to the textbook, as I don’t believe the textbook is organised in the most helpful way, so there is some page hopping needed when following the content below.

– Mr Greenwood

Introduction to ICT systems

1. Fundamental concepts in ICT
2. Types of computer

Input, Output & Storage

1. Manual input devices
2. Automated input devices
3. Output devices
4. Storage
5. Storage specifics


1. Introduction to networking
2. Networking protocols
3. Wireless connectivity
4. ISPs, analogue & digital networking
5. Networking wrap-up


1. Introduction to software
2. Interfaces


1. Introduction to data security
2. The compromise of data security
3. HTTPS, SSL & digital certificates
4. Cookies & forums
5. Phishing, pharming and smishing

Effects of ICT

1. Automation
2. ICT and employment
3. ICT and health

Systems development

1. Introducing systems development
2. Systems analysis
3. Design
4. Development and testing