DP Computer Science

The IB Computer Science Programme provides students an opportunity to explore both the programmatic and physical side of computing systems. Students develop an appreciation for algorithmic thinking, the underlying hardware, and the complexities of software design throughout seven individual units of study and the Internal Assessment project.

Algorithmic thinking involves the ability to:

  • think procedurally, logically, concurrently, abstractly, recursively and think ahead
  • utilize an experimental and inquiry-based approach to problem-solving
  • develop solution to problems and express them clearly
  • appreciate how theoretical and practical limitations affect the extent to which problems can be solved computationally.

During the course the student will develop computational solutions, both as class projects and within the Internal Assessment. This will involve the ability to:

  • identify a problem or unanswered question
  • design, prototype and test a proposed solution
  • liaise with clients to evaluate the success of the proposed solution and make recommendations for future developments.

From the IB CS Subject Guide, © IBO 2014.

Course overview

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Unit 1


Unit 2


Unit 3

Models & Simulations

Unit 5


Unit 6

Abstract Data Structures

Unit 7

Control Systems

Unit 8

Resource Management

Internal Assessment

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Internal Assessment Page