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The Computing department offers two subjects in the IB Diploma Programme. On this page, the differences are outlined.

The differences between ITGS & Computer Science

According to the IBO

ITGSComputer Science
In ITGS, people are central to the study of the subject. This is underpinned by a secure knowledge of the technology within the specified IT system. This technical knowledge ensures that the discussion of the effects of a new IT system on people will not be superficial.In computer science, the emphasis is on a detailed knowledge of the computer system, followed by an awareness of its effects on people.
ITGS considers the internal workings of an IT system only to the extent of how it contributes to the understanding of a social impact or ethical issue.Computer science emphasizes a detailed understanding of the logic and internal workings of a system.
ITGS is concerned with the development of IT systems, with particular emphasis on the effects on clients and end-users.Computer science is concerned with algorithmic thinking and the ways in which a real-world problem can be decomposed in order to construct a working computable solution.
ITGS looks to implement a new IT system based on the use of currently available software.Computer science looks to develop a new system using existing building blocks or by creating a totally novel approach as appropriate. This may involve the writing of new code in an appropriate programming environment.
ITGS is concerned with activities such as choosing and using a spreadsheet, finding ways of using it more effectively, and educating other people about its use. It is concerned with the effects of using the software and obtaining reliable results that are beneficial to all who are affected by it.Computer science examines real-world problems and produces algorithms from which useful software can be derived. The computer scientist creates the initial concepts and designs to produce appropriate and novel solutions to problems or by adapting existing solutions.

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