iDEA Award

TES students are encouraged to complete the iDEA (Inspiring Digital Enterprise) Award. The Award is comprised of courses that aim to develop digital, enterprise and employability skills through a series of interactive challenges. These challenges are all completed online through the iDEA platform, and once complete they award points in key skill areas. Once a student has achieved enough points they are awarded a Bronze or Silver Award and will receive a printed certificate posted from the Duke of York, care of Buckingham Palace.

The iDEA Award is open to all TES students whether or not they study any formal Computing courses. To enrol, sign up using your TES email address and your chosen name as your nickname. When you have signed up, use the organiser code TESPILOTCLASS to be added to the school’s register.

Complete courses in the various categories to earn points, and when you have completed all of the requirements for your certificate, please have them posted to Mr James Greenwood, Taipei European School, 31 JianYe Road, ShiLin District, Taipei, 11193, Taiwan (Republic of China).

Computing department CCAs

Astronomy CCA

Led by Michael Jr Lamson, supervised by Mr Bach
Tuesdays after school, room 1325

Are you interested in space? If you are, this CCA is fit for you! You will learn about anything that is related to space, for example: stars, galaxies and planets. You will also have a chance to view the moon or sun through a telescope. So sign up fast if you are interested!

In the Astronomy CCA we use multiple computer simulations to teach astronomy and at the same time, have fun. Not only do we use computer simulations, we also observe the sky if  there are any celestial bodies visible at that time.

TES Coders

Supervised by Mr Bach
Tuesdays after school, room 1326

TES Coders is for all students, beginner to advanced, that are interesting in coding. Each week I will introduce something new and then provide the time and resources for collaboration and exploration. Students will be encouraged to develop their own projects and also works towards a number of coding competitions that will take place throughout the year.

Classics CCA

Supervised by Mr Greenwood
Mondays after school, room 1325

In Classics CCA, Mr Greenwood shares his passion for the history, culture, literature and politics of Ancient Greece and Rome. This year, the group is studying the emerging democracy of 5th Century BC Athens through a variety of primary and secondary sources, including a number of tragic and comic plays such as Aeschylus’ Oresteia, Euripides’ Medea and Aristophanes’ Wasps.

TES Tech Champions

Launching soon at the ESC will be the TES Tech Champions, who will meet regularly to discuss the tech needs of the school and help in decision-making. Listen out for an announcement later this year.